Tournament duration
10:00 16.03.2018 — 09:59 22.03.2018 (UTC)
Heroism and 3 million points always take place here! Play Fortuna agents, we've got a task for you, because only the strongest ones can cope with it. The main superpower of a real scout is attention, so score points in the tournament slots to complete the mission and get into the TOP-20 finalists. Three million points will be shared among the winners of the "Spy Game" tournament, that will last from March 16 to March 22. Have a winning spin!
Time to the End
3 327 309 points
Tournament duration
10:00 09.03.2018 — 09:59 15.03.2018 (UTC)
Participate in the lottery for three million points! The luck does not grow on trees, so we invite you to the "Iron Grip" tournament, where the TOP-20 finalists will share 3 000 000 points of the main prize pool. Collect points by playing the tournament slots and score the top of the leaderboard from March 9 to March 15. The Fortune loves the stubborn ones! The game has begun!
3 684 593 points
Tournament duration
10:00 02.03.2018 — 09:59 08.03.2018 (UTC)
3 000 000 points won't give up for nothing! International Women's Day is coming and the hints are becoming more clear. Yes, now they are obvious without an orbiting telescope. Make the gift really amazing and remarkable - win up to 3 000 000 points in the tournament "Hot Chick"! The struggle for the heart of Fortune will last from March 2 to March 8. Everyone will know the names of top-20 lucky ones. Are you ready to win?
3 875 923 points
Tournament duration
10:00 23.02.2018 — 09:59 01.03.2018 (UTC)
The fate of three million points depends on you! Warm-up a little bit before the game, we start a new tournament "Adult's games" for those who remember how they celebarte the year 2000. Fifty tournament games are waiting for you from February 23 to March 1! Top-20 finalists will share 3 000 000 points. Are you ready to hit a mega jackpot? Let's get started!
3 886 019 points
Tournament duration
15:00 16.02.2018 — 09:59 22.02.2018 (UTC)
True predators are hunting for 3 million. Join them! Everyone likes to win, this instinct appeared right after we stopped parking the mammoths near the caves and upgraded to Windows 98. It's time to return to the sources and identify 20 strongest players in the impassable urban jungle. "Wild instinct" tournament will last until February 8 on Play Fortuna casino. It will bring you 3 000 000 points. See you in the Top-20!
3 473 844 points
Tournament duration
11:00 13.02.2018 — 13:59 16.02.2018 (UTC)
No need to wait for Friday! Participate in the tournament today. We have prepared 1 000 000 points for the finalists of the express tournament "All In". We are waiting for you on 'Deco Diamonds', 'Sea Hunter', 'Wizard Shop' or 'Pied Piper' slots from 11:00 on 13.02.18 until 14:00 on 16.02.18 (UTC). Click "Participate" and enter the tournament!
1 166 239 points
Tournament duration
10:00 08.02.2018 — 13:59 09.02.2018 (UTC)
The next express-tournament for 500 000 points is coming. In the "Fast Cash" tournament you need to gain the highest score on 'Book of Dead', 'Pied Piper', 'Wizard Shop' or 'Lucky Little Gods' slots from 10:00 (08.02.18) to 14:00 (09.02.18) UTC. We have prepared ten prizes worth up to 150 000 points, and the total prize pool is 500 000. Click "Participate" and enter the tournament!
599 962 points
Tournament duration
10:00 07.02.2018 — 13:59 07.02.2018 (UTC)
Dear Friends, we run express tournaments for 100 000 points. Score the highest number of points from 10:00 to 14:00 (UTC) on 'Sea Hunter', 'Mighty Arthur' or 'Deco Diamonds' slots in the first race "Gallop down the Europe". We have prepared five prizes worth up to 40 000 points, and the total prize pool is 100 000. Click 'Participate' and enter the tournament!
116 441 points
Participant games
Tournament duration
10:00 26.01.2018 — 09:59 01.02.2018 (UTC)
Impossible is possible, when 3 000 000 are at stake! For all those, who have not breaking bad during the holidays, and went all the way from the beginning of the year until January 26 with a proudly raised glass of champagne, we begin the tournament "On the Edge". 20 finalists will share three million points. The tournament will last until February 1. Let's start!
3 761 366 points
Tournament duration
10:00 19.01.2018 — 09:59 25.01.2018 (UTC)
Welcome to the new Play Fortuna millionth tournament! January 19: people run out of the New Year's food supplies. And it means that it's time to start a new era of high wins. Participate in the "Reboot" tournament, become one of the 20 finalists to get the most of the prize pool of 3 000 000 points! The offer is valid until January 25. Let's go!
3 624 932 points